Wake up to your favorite track!

Wake Up to Music

Alarmify will make getting up in the mornings much easier than before. How? It is simple. Alarmify is a Music Alarm Clock that lets you wake up to your favorite songs through Spotify. You choose set your alarm and pick the track of your choice to wake up to or just let Alarmify randomize a song for you! The program's interface is simple, very easy to interact with and does come with a snooze feature!

The Project

Three students from Hyper Island once built a Mac/PC application that connected an alarm to Spotify.
The project got a lot of positive feedback and people asked for a mobile version. After a decent amount of time building, followed by an enormous amount of time testing and improving, we are proud to present the first version of Alarmify!

It's Free!

Alarmify is free and is available in App Store.
It is currently supporting iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPod Touch.

Wake Up's

The counter above shows how many times Alarmify has woken people up and prepared them for their awesome days!

Top Songs

Top Artists


  • •   Alarmify won't work if the app isn’t running. Sorry kids, no multitasking!
  • •   Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • •   You need to have Spotify Premium and the Spotify App installed and turned on.
  • •   Your phone should be plugged in to a power supply when using Alarmify.
  • •   Don’t lock your device or leave Alarmify running in the background.
  • •   Turn up the volume!

A year ago we created Alarmify for computers, called SpotifyAlarm. In 2011 it might return for your Mac!

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Who Made This?

Henrik Porseland Developer
Theo Stråhlén Developer
John Karlsson Designer
T.Stråhlén  -  J.Karlsson  -  H.Porseland

2009: SpotifyAlarm

It all began when our developer Theo ran out of battery for his iPhone. Since he had to wake up the next day, he quickly put together the first version of SpotifyAlarm.
The alarm was built as an AIR-application which means it worked on both PC and Mac. The next day he added some more functionality and had John to do some design for the application. Little did they know about the hype that would follow...

2010: Alarmify

After months of waiting, Apple finally released multitasking for iOS which made SpotifyAlarm for iPhone possible. The demand was out there, so developers Theo & Henrik started researching Cocoa-programming while John worked on the design. After a friendly conversation with Spotify we also made the decision to brand the application as Alarmify to minimize confusion.
In December 2010 we had a fully functional version uploaded to the Appstore.

There and back again?

Just like Apple announced that they are going “Back to the Mac” in 2011, we are considering to pick up the development of the computer version.
The plan would be to re-launch Alarmify as a native OSX-application to make full use of the Spotify API as well as taking advantage of the new Appstore for Mac.
This decision, of course, is a question of time since we are prioritizing updates for the iPhone App.
But remember, the future is still unwritt...